In honor of the Frisbee’s 58th anniversary week, we compiled a list of other hard plastic objects you can throw at your friends!

frisbee- rubiks cube
A Rubik’s Cube
Out of Frisbees? Throw a Rubik’s Cube at each other in the quad, or at the beach near children’s faces!


frisbee- landline telephone
A Landline Telephone
For some fun in the sun, chuck this thing made of hard plastic straight into your dog’s mouth.


frisbee- golf balls
Golf Balls
Want something just as hard and just as plastic as a Frisbee to hurl at your child? Look no further!


frisbee- screwdriver
Just The Butt End of a Screwdriver
You wouldn’t stand in the way of an Olympic discus thrower, so why would you play frisbee? Because it’s fun!! Make this violent “sport” even more enjoyable by using just the hard, butt end of a screwdriver.


frisbee- garage lids
Garbage Can Lids
It’s a nice day out and you wanna violently fling a plate of compressed petrochemicals at your loved ones, but there’s no Frisbee in sight. No worries, grab one of these!


frisbee- motel pool chairs
Motel Pool Chairs
Who needs a Frisbee when your drunk buddies can chuck these at each other instead. Bonus: they’re waterproof, so don’t even worry about the blood.


frisbee- megazord
A Bunch of Frisbees Glued Together To Make A Big Megazord Frisbee
Girl, you KNOW this picnic is gonna end in tears!

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