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Cheek week is coming to an end. In honor of this incredible week, we asked our staff to send in their favorite butt-related thing they’ve seen on the internet.

Eat the Butt
There will only ever be one..
-Brendan McMorrow


Eyes on Butts on Eyes on Butts
Watching this is oddly meditative…
-Brett Blake


Twerkin’ Hard or Hardly Twerkin’???
So much butt stuff. NSFW-ish

Also, Ken Marino talks about his toilet for a full 15 minutes.
-David Ingber


Tim & Eric
-Andrew Ford


Don’t Want None
Nicki Minaj Anaconda Fart REMIX. Never. Gets. Old.
-Anita Flores


Butt Tunes
Vulfpeck’s new single is all about the BACK POCKET
-Matt Moskovciak


What What (In The Butt)
An oldie but a goodie.
-Joanna Bradley


Rick And Morty
My favorite show is “Hamster In Butt World”
-Mike Karnell


The majesty of figure skating.
-Nathan Kloke


More Rick and Morty
Speaking of Rick & Morty’s butt humor, the two songs from last week’s episode were rather butt-positive:

Derrick Sanskrit


Girls Ain’t Got Gas.
Another oldie
-Steve Dickinson


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