On Saturday, Sacramento based rock band, Papa Roach cancelled their November 15th show in Lilles, France out of respect for the victims of the November 13th attacks in Paris, not because no one wants to see a Papa Roach show.

“Yeah, I mean it wasn’t even like no one bought tickets to our show and we were looking for a way to cancel it without completely humiliating ourselves,” said lead singer Jacoby Shaddix. “We honestly just feel that it would be insensitive to subject the French people to our music. I mean, after what happened.”


Papa Roach’s music is so, so good. It’s just that RIGHT NOW no one should be listening to it.         (Photo credit:livenumetal.es)

The show would have featured classic Papa Roach hits like “Last Resort,” “Scars” and “Between Angels And Insects,” which people all over the world are definitely dying to hear live. But no one spent Sunday night hearing a handful of songs off “nu/rap metal” band Papa Roach’s new album, F.E.A.R.. Because of the tragic events in Paris two days before. Otherwise, that concert would have been absolutely packed.

“See, U2 cancelled their show in Paris and the HBO Special they were supposed to film,” said guitarist Jerry Horton. “And we’re, basically, just like U2. We don’t have an HBO Special planned, but if we did, we would also totally have to cancel it. Even though people would be like ‘Oh no! We were going to subscribe to HBO so we could watch Papa Roach for two hours.'”


Bono and the guy from Papa Roach BOTH had to disappoint so, so many fans.

“No one went to L’Aeronef theater in Lilles, France on Sunday night to see Papa Roach play their music,” said band promoter Bram Phillin.  “But if these terrible Paris attacks hadn’t happened, lots of people would have been there. So, so many people.”

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