Good afternoon, Laura.

I’m writing this email to voice some concerns about day-to-day operations at the American Girl Store, and to begin a formal record of complaint should the issues I bring to light here go unaddressed in the coming months. This job is everything to me, and I want only to see our store shine. In short, Janelle has got to go. She’s clearly not up to the job, and she’s not even a Christian.

It is no secret that last month’s inventory was a disaster due to a certain assistant manager’s failure to keep the stock room orderly and organized. The Lea™’s Rainforest Dreams Pajama Sets were hidden under the Lea™’s Mix & Match Swim Sets, the caucasian Truly Me™ Dolls were mixed with the African-American Bitty Twins™ Sets, and I don’t know that Kaya™’s woven accessories were even counted at all.

Did you know that Janelle has a sticker on her car of a dancing woman made of flames? It’s the logo of known drugs group The Dave Matthews Band, whose CDs she will occasionally play through the store PA at closing. Janelle is always going on about that boyfriend of hers, but I don’t know any man that would date a woman with hair that short. (I’m not saying I know anything, I just wonder sometimes why such an anti-establishment type would get a job at a store predominately visited by young women? Just saying!)

I think you will agree with me that it reflects poorly on all of us at the American Girl Store when customers are left alone on the sales floor for upwards of 5 minutes in order for employees to rummage in the stock room for the doll accessories requested by guests. This customer service crisis can be tied directly to the complete breakdown of the assistant manager position due to gross negligence by certain persons.


Does this look like an acceptably organized stockroom? (Hint: it isn’t!)

If Janelle is allowed to continue in her role as assistant manager of our American Girl Store, you are promising every American Girl a tomorrow of pandemonium, chaos, and poorly organized doll accessories. The American Girl Store is literally my entire life, and I just don’t to see it fail at the careless, beefy hand of someone like Janelle- especially when there are certain floor managers who consistently go above and beyond and would literally do anything to be assistant store manager. These certain floor managers would tell you anything you want to know about what really goes on at your store, anything, and don’t care about making friends with their co-workers. This isn’t just a job for these certain floor managers. They respect the American Girl brand and everything it stands for, unlike certain people named Janelle.


This is who we do it for, not that Janelle would understand.

Please respond to these concerns at your leisure, Laura. If I’m not at the store, I’m at home with my dolls. And remember: not even a Christian.

Your American Girl,

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