“I’m gonna be jumping off buildings and setting off explosions today… I should wear my hair down!” Said no one ever. I have to pull my hair back when I eat a sandwich, so there’s NO WAY that a hair-down look is convenient for women whose very lives depend on clear peripheral vision.

Someone get them a frickin’ ponytail holder.

black widow
Black Widow (The Avengers)
Black Widow has more important things to worry about than getting hair in her eyes. I mean Jesus Christ, even Thor gets a half-pony.


kill bill
The Bride (Kill Bill)
Forget Bill. I want revenge on Quentin Tarantino for telling Uma Thurman to wear her hair down during a fight against AN ARMY OF ASSASSINS COMING AT HER FROM EVERY ANGLE.


Hit Girl (Kick-Ass)
“Hey bad guys, can you stop for a second? I need to get this difficult purple wig hair out of my face real quick.”


x women
Storm, Jean Grey, Rogue (X-Men)
You’re telling me Jean Grey can move a HOUSE with her mind but doesn’t have time to float a couple rubber bands over to pull her hair back? And literally Storm’s ONE job is to create wind, yet she forgets to pull her hair out of her face beforehand. As for Rogue… her hair always seems to be a problem.


fast and furious 7
Letty and Riley (Fast & Furious 6)
I can’t even tell who these two women are. Just piles of hair flinging themselves at each other.


Catwoman (the Dark Knight Rises)
The only thing more annoying than Anne Hathaway is how all these women are constantly brushing hair out of their eyes.


charlies angels
Charlie’s Angels
We’re gonna give every movie hair stylist the benefit of the doubt and assume they’re all bald. Otherwise they would know how distracting hair in your face is.


Trinity (The Matrix)
Trinity. TRINITYYYY. Come on! You have slicked-back short hair for 90% of the movie and then as soon as some secret agents show up you forget a headband at home?


lord of the rings
BONUS: Everyone in Lord of the Rings
One ring to rule them all, no elastic bands to rule any of them.

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