After weeks and weeks of speculation over why Donald Trump continues to praise Russian President Vladmir Putin, it seems we finally have our answer. In a wide-ranging interview this afternoon, Putin finally revealed he’s been playing The Donald himself and is honestly he’s getting tired of wearing full prosthetic Trump body suit every day.

“When I started playing ‘Donald Trump’, I thought it would be fun. Do you realize how ridiculous it is for a US Presidential candidate to be praising the leader of Russia?” Putin explained. “I just never expected it would go on for so long. My scalp is permanently itchy from this wig and I’m not sure my skin will ever go back to being non-orange.”

The comments went beyond just the physical difficulties as well, with Putin remarking that “even for a world-class super villain like myself, some of the stuff I’ve been saying has felt pretty iffy. I’m just trying to get out of this prank, but now I feel like I’m stuck being the hand in the ugliest puppet that’s ever been made.”

When asked what would happen if “Donald Trump” actually wins, Putin reportedly started to weep and slowly pulled his now-famous wig off his bald head.

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