Above Average’s staff answers the question: What’s the best thing you’ve seen on the internet this week?

“Child actors, we don’t do second takes:”
-Derrick Sanskrit



This website looks like it’s trying to steal your social security number but here’s a great short story by Dorothy Parker that my friend Cirocco sent me: 
— Glenn Boozan


“Nintendo “oui”.”
— Jay Cohen



“Pandas Gone Wild!”
— Ziwe


A website dedicated to trucks scraping/getting stuck under bridges – they even make art from the debris. There’s something so satisfying about this.

— Melanie Greene


— Jay Cohen



“This week, I forced the very reasonable @Gillian Spear down the Jonas Brothers rabbit hole/YouTube vault. Here is the best one… do you remember where you were on Feb 14th (VALENTINE’S DAY?!?!?!), 2008?”
— Ally Engelberg


“Regarding Ally’s staff pick.”
— Gillian Spear
unnamed (1)



— Jay Cohen


I’m going through a panda phase.
— Ziwe


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