It’s a universal fact that Mondays suck, and you spend most of your time on the internet avoiding real life. Mondays are a dark place. Here are some reasons today doesn’t HAVE to suck.

1. Jimmy Fallon, The Roots, and Sesame Street will be reprising this glory for the Macy’s Day parade this Thanksgiving:

2. It’s the first week of Movember! Everyone who has been looking for an excuse to look like the love child of Ron Swanson and Tom Selleck for the past 11 months will finally have a feel-good reason to do so. Everyone else who is critical of the facial hair movement will just look like an asshole.

3. We’re just a month away from the Matchbox 20 cruise. Because that is a real thing that is happening. You can hang out on a boat with Rob Thomas and the rest of the 90s. Kind of like Captain Phillips.

4. Slacktory remixed a trailer of Star Wars using newly discovered bloopers. Derp edition, in honor of Monday.

5.  Tumblr/cat meme of the week: Today’s tumblr of the week combines the internet’s love of cat memes, our appreciation of appropriate fall attire, and everyone’s respect for WTF weirdness.


Happy Monday, people!

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