Each Monday, we round up gifts from the internet to make your Monday a little bit better.

1. James Franco and Seth Rogen create their own version of Bound 2, shot for shot:

James Franco’s flannel wardrobe < Seth Rogen’s genuine tenderness

You can’t fake that tenderness!

2. Just Try Not to Cry While Clicking on This Motivational Link:

Now, you can create your own Upworthy headlines and stories with the Upworthy Generator.

3. You can dance if you want to, you can leave your friends behind: 

We’ve seen glimpses of Kyle Mooney’s dancing before, but on Saturday, we saw what the rise and fall of a dance career looks like in the span of three minutes.

4. YouTube comments are just as dramatic as you think:

Our favorites often include “DAFUQ” and “first!!!!!!!!!” but this dramatic interpretation is better than anything we’ve ever read:

5. Falling Asleep on Public Transit:

Admit it, we’ve all done it. Artist George Ferrandi documents how people react differently to strangers in slumber. Take a look here.

Happy Monday before Thanksgiving!

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