After it was discovered Olympic swimmer and gold medalist Ryan Lochte had fabricated his story about being robbed at gunpoint in Rio de Janeiro, many have criticized both him and the media for their complicity in a “boys will be boys” narrative. However, a report released this morning sheds new light on the situation: according to the Transportation Security Administration, the athlete failed to check his white privilege before boarding his flight back to the United States.

Lochte claims he was completely unaware of the white privilege he was—and has always been—carrying. “For serious, I didn’t even know I owned the stuff. How am I supposed to check it if I don’t know it’s even on me? I know swimming, but everything else? Way over my head.”

“Also, why do I have to check it?” he added.

Despite boarding the flight with white privilege covering his entire person, it went undetected, and he was able to travel 5,000 miles, clear customs, and arrive at his home in Charlotte, North Carolina before anyone became aware of the unchecked narcissism that comes with being a glorified, sheltered 32-year-old white male.

In addition to his white privilege, TSA reports that Lochte also failed to check a 40-ounce water bottle full of Red Bull and vodka, which also went undetected.

“Yeah, they kinda just let me walk on the flight. Nobody said anything. It was super funny,” he said. “I think it helped that I lied about that mugging thing, because everyone felt bad for me.”

When gymnast Gabby Douglas tried to board her flight, authorities confiscated her gold medal and asked why she hated the United States so much.

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