In response to Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump’s claims that President Barack Obama is the “founder” of fringe terrorist group ISIS and that rival candidate Hillary Clinton is “co-founder,” former secretary of defense Donald Rumsfeld issued a statement addressed to Trump: “C’mon, man. You know I founded ISIS.”

“Look dude, Donald to Donald: you gotta give credit where credit is due,” the retired Rumsdeld fired back at Trump this week. “I founded ISIS when I insisted that American forces invade Iraq based on the bad intelligence that they had caches of biological and nuclear weapons. That’s what brought al-Qaeda in.”

The elder Donald continued “Basically, ISIS is 50% disenfranchised Sunni soldiers from Saddam Hussein’s fallen regime, and 50% legit terrorists from al-Qaeda. I did that shit. Get it straight, dude.”

Asked if he feels any guilt over his hand in incubating ISIS, Rumsfeld deflected “Oh heavens no. I don’t feel anything, I’m Donald Rumsfeld.”

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