Above Average’s staff answers the question: What’s the best thing you’ve seen on the Internet this week? Here are our staff picks for some casual reading.

Anita Flores


Barack Obama thanked Japan this week for such inventions as karaoke, anime, and emoji, pronouncing each word like a stereotypical comic-con dork. I don’t know what our next president will be like, but I’m certain they won’t exude “cool nerd” as much.
Derrick Sanskrit


Joe Kelly




I hope Sock or Hat continues forever:
– Matt Moscovciak


You go girl!
Brendan McMorrow


And also this:
Brendan McMorrow


Not sure if someone picked this already- I’ve been watching it on repeat all week.
Tim Bierbaum


Glenn Boozan


Good idea, Glenn. Been in the news a lot, so it’s finally time to learn how to pronounce it.
Josh Poole


Good call Josh, here’s another word I just learned how to pronounce.
Matt Moscovciak


Sean McIlraith


Oh, Russell Crowe
Carl Baker


I just feel like we all need a refresher:
Steve Dickinson


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