In an election season filled with twists and surprises, a Russian “hacktivist” collective has dropped the bombshell that deeply unlikeable politician Harry Reid has never actually received a personal email during his more than three decades of public service.

“We found hundreds of sent messages,” one hacker wrote in a statement. “Invitations to parties, thoughtful well-wishes to other members of the Senate during their confirmation hearings, etc. And not a single response. Pretty incredible.”

“You’d think at least someone would have accidentally hit reply or something in all that time,” the statement added. “But nope.”

In light of this news, the hacker group has politely chosen not to break into the Motorola Razr phone Reid has been using since 1998 for fear that he has not gotten a single text, and according to the hackers, “we just didn’t want to bum everyone around here out.”

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