Newly released emails reveal the founder of the Clinton Foundation had access to Hillary Clinton’s bed, raising new questions about her relationship to the organization.

Investigations into potential conflicts created by Hillary’s relationship with the Clinton Foundation have cast a shadow over her campaign. The new emails show the man who started the foundation, Bill Clinton, enjoyed extraordinary access to Hillary while she was Secretary of State, including her bedroom.

“You coming to bed?” Bill Clinton wrote in one email time-stamped at 12:55 a.m.

It is not clear if Hillary ever came to bed but the email raises questions about whether this man expected Hillary to live with him as a quid pro quo for his work for the foundation.

Another set of email exchanges makes clear that Hillary and Bill stayed in the same hotel room while traveling to distribute AIDS medicine in Africa.

“It’s not necessarily illegal or unethical or wrong in any way but it raises questions,” said one political observer. “What’s Hillary’s relationship with the foundation? What’s the foundation’s purpose? Why would someone associated with the Clinton Foundation email Hillary Clinton? The questions go on and on.”

The emails were leaked by an anonymous source who stole them illegally.

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