Wow, as it turns out, the Donald Trump campaign was absolutely right: Hillary Clinton has needed medical assistance while doing just about anything… for her entire life!

The political world was rocked today when a photo emerged of the Democratic presidential candidate being literally carried out of her mother’s womb by no fewer than one doctor and two nurses.

“We’re not talking about an older woman in her sixties or seventies here, people,” said Republican nominee Donald Trump. “This is a young person, full of life, who can’t even take it upon herself to walk across the room on her own two feet.”

“No, she has other people do that for her,” he continued. “Just like how people are saying that China is funding her campaign. Unbelievable.”

Personally, I was skeptical when memes of Mrs. Clinton requiring a stepladder to get into her SUV started floating around online. I figured it was just her assistants helping her maintain comfort during the unending slog of this campaign. But nope! This is worse than those pictures of her father helping her remove a tooth at age 8, and that audio recording that proves she needed a doctor’s help to check her own cholesterol.

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