In honor of Halloween, we break down the five songs that give us nightmares.

5. “I Will Follow Him” – Little Peggy March

Long before Taylor Swift, there was Little Peggy March. Just because it was on the Sister Act soundtrack doesn’t change the fact that it’s biggest stalker song of all time.

4. “I Want Candy” – Aaron Carter

Literally nothing could make children less excited about trick-or-treating than this.

3. “Little Girls” – Oingo Boingo

This is one of those songs that people justify “because it was the 80s.” The music video was BANNED in Canada.

2. “I’ll Make Love to You” – Boyz II Men

If you write a sexy song, it could be number one on the charts. If you write a song that’s tooooooo sexy, you get shipped to Russia two decades later to help boost the national birth rate.

1. “Disturbia” – Kidz Bop

There is nothing scarier than a chorus full of children…harmonizing to Rihanna.


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