Above Average’s staff answers the question: What’s the best thing you’ve seen on the internet this week?

Great Dane talking 

I feel you, dog.

– Sean McIlraith

Here Lies Love at The Public Theater

My staff pick has NOTHING TO DO WITH THE INTERNET! Cue horrified gasps. I recommend that everyone get their sweet buns off their sweet bun-holding couches and check out the David Byrne musical Here Lies Love at The Public Theater. It’s a great show with great music you can move your sweet buns to! Fun to go with friends.

– Celeste Ballard 

Wheel of Fortune

Wheel of Fortune is the worst (don’t take my word for it, listen to Danger Guerrero) but it’s moments like these that give it a redeeming factor.

– Carl Baker

New Google Self-Driving Car Video

One day we are going to look back in awe at how any of us survived while people were simultaneously texting and tweeting and DRIVING CARS.

– Patrick Courtney 

Kitten Jam – Turn Down for What

This would LITERALLY have broken the internet if whoever shot this knew how to use a camera.

– Ryan Spears

Owen Wilson Kabuki

Nothing I have seen online this week has made me as happy as this random Deviant Art page I came across featuring a photoshopped image of Owen Wilson wearing kabuki makeup and a single, enthusiastic comment.

– Dan Mirk 

The Game Before the Game 

Dre gets it.

– Cathy Lew

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