The Oxford Dictionaries declared “selfie” the 2013 Word of the Year, beating out “twerk” to the disappointment of Miley Cyrus and “bitcoin” to the disappointment of the Winklevoss twins. While Justin Bieber, Kim Kardashian, and the people who instagram themselves after fitness activities rejoiced, not everyone was pleased with the selection of “selfie.” Here, some of the originators of the selfie weigh in on the announcement:

Via Reddit

“Do we really have to talk about this? It was the 90s. I didn’t even want to take this photo, but I was on an airplane, and she was all like, ‘I love your show! Because of you, I know how to make water!’ Typical groupie stuff. The technology just wasn’t there in the 90s. But my arm was.”

– Bill Nye the Science Guy, 1999

Via Wikipedia

“The Arnolfinis were a complete pain in the ass to work with – very demanding, very high-maintenance. They made me paint that damned dog three times. And she said, “No one can know I’m pregnant! This is our marriage portrait!” Listen lady, I’m a painter- NOT a miracle worker and that green dress is doing you zero favors. I asked myself- how can I really F with them? So I decided to paint myself in to the mirror- that way, they have to live with me forever. All I’m saying is – selfies used to be subtle. Selfies used to be about something real.”

– Jan van Eyck, 1434 

Via Reddit

“Over it.”

“Very 2012.”

– Sasha and Malia Obama, 2013

Via Wikipedia 

“Everyone called me a fool for carrying my camera around! A fool! People thought they were being clever when they would say, “Kodak? What is that a bear you’re lugging!?!” But I knew my camera would eventually come in handy. Then one day it happened. I saw the mirror, the table, my reflection… I told myself, I will take this photograph, and some day, everyone will regret doubting me. Some day, they will all know my name.”

– Anonymous, 1900



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