There is nothing more frustrating than being a bridesmaid at wedding after wedding, knowing you’re not getting any closer to becoming a bride. It’s hard enough on the average woman, but imagine how I feel as a ghost who died in this chapel over 100 years ago. I will literally never be a bride!

I passed away in 1916, shortly after being a bridesmaid in my friend’s wedding. I’ll admit it, I was rather bitter about it even then, what with no romantic prospects on the horizon. Plus it meant I had to wear this gaudy purple dress for eternity. So I guess you could say I have some unfinished business.

Since I started haunting this place, I’ve witnessed thousands of weddings. Smug, happy brides have paraded in and out day after day for an entire century. It’s like, rub it in my face why don’t you?

I try to make the most of my haunting opportunities—flickering the lights, making rings disappear, booing when the loving couple says their vows—but it ultimately can’t fulfill my desire to be a bride. The best I can hope for is some type of “Ghost” situation where I can inhabit a bride’s body during the wedding ceremony, but it’s honestly not worth it if I can’t pick out the dress.

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