The hot new trailer for “The Walking Dead” revealed some MAJOR spoilers for the upcoming season: we find out who Negan bashed with his famous baseball bat, how the gang will recover from the loss, and the fact that literally every character will die of Zika in the first episode.

“The network wanted to keep the show going past season 7, but we set out to tell [creator] Robert Kirkman’s story faithfully,” said show producer Robert Kirkman. “Everyone dying of the Zika virus wraps the story up in a satisfying way, but you should still tune in, because it’ll shock you the way it happens.”

According to AMC, the Zika virus will ravage the survivors’ camp after Maggie is bitten by a mosquito in post-apocalyptic Miami. Every character will quickly die by the second commercial break. The remaining 7.5 episodes currently slated for the season will just be b-roll shots of the area.

For the horror fans out there who were hoping to enjoy the show for longer, there is still good news: the “Walking Dead” prequel “Fear The Walking Dead” will also be killing off all of its characters with Zika this week to make room for more episodes of “Preacher,” wherein everyone gets really bad SARS.

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