Ooh, spicy! Tyler, The Creator was seen on a date with Kendall The, uh, something probably, at a local hotspot in southern California.

The flirty couple was spotted out ‘n about all around Los Angeles, with Tyler, a 25-year old rapper, producer, and music video director, cozying up to Kendall, who, uh. The pair adorably held hands during their latest meal, as Tyler lightheartedly bantered with the waiter about whether or not the restaurant’s sandwiches were as good as his 2011 single, “Sandwitches.” Kendall, meanwhile, sat there sipping an artisanal bottle of water she brought from home and continually squinting as though she were in a moderate amount of constant pain.


“We have such a good time together,” mentioned The Creator to entertainment reporters standing outside his favorite lunch nook. “We talk about my music and my career and my dope rapper nickname. I feel so lucky to be dating a, uh…Uh, family member mogul? I know she’s wildly successful, with tons fans but I just realized in this exact moment that I have no idea why.”

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