It’s St. Patrick’s Day, so get out your shamrock sunglasses, green suspenders, and mix up a few of these classic St. Paddy’s Day cocktails!


IRISH CAR BOMB: It wouldn’t be St. Patrick’s Day without an Irish car bomb! This delicious drink’s name is a reference to the many car bombings which took place during a period of civil conflict in Ireland known as The Troubles which left over 50,000 people dead or injured! Drink up!

HOW TO MAKE IT: Float whiskey on top of Irish cream in a shot glass, then drop the shot glass into a pint glass of Irish stout such as Guinness. Drink quickly before the cream curdles!

POTATO FAMINETINI: Another classic St. Patrick’s Day drink, the Potato Faminetini is a kicky little cocktail sure to lift your spirits! The fun name is based on the Irish potato famine in which approximately one million Irish starved! It’s delicious!

HOW TO MAKE IT: Mix equal parts dry vermouth and Irish whiskey in a cocktail shaker half-filled with cracked ice, shake well, strain into chilled cocktail glass. For a fun twist, add some dry chicken bones to represent the bony fingers of a starving man!

YELLOW PLAGUE SWIZZLE: A sweet, refreshing whiskey drink with just the right amount of kick, inspired the yellow plague that ravaged Ireland from 664 to 666! Yellow plague symptoms can include abdominal pain, bleeding in the eyes, and vomiting blood! Let’s party!

HOW TO MAKE IT: Combine two parts Irish whiskey, two parts ginger ale, ½ part peach schnapps, and ½ part human blood in a Collins glass. Garnish with a lime wheel.

SINKING OF THE PRINCESS VICTORIA SOUR FIZZ SMASH: Add a little luck to your St. Paddy’s Day with this light and yummy cocktail! On January 31, 1953 the Irish Princess Victoria ferry was caught in a severe windstorm and sank, resulting in 133 deaths! It was then the deadliest maritime disaster in the United Kingdom since World War II! But now there is a drink based on it! Leprechauns!

HOW TO MAKE IT: Combine lemonade, Irish whiskey, and frigid seawater in a bucket. Submerge your head in the bucket as long as you can.

CENTURIES OF BRUTAL BRITISH COLONIAL RULE MUDSLIDE:  After decades of bloody conflict, Ireland was fully colonized by the powerful British Empire around 1603. What followed were hundreds of years of brutal treatment of the native Irish by their British overlords, in which Irish were forced from their lands, unfairly imprisoned, and systematically oppressed and degraded. Those who rebelled were slaughtered without mercy. Generations were born and died under unimaginable hardship in which many must have been forced to question their very humanity. And it’s a yummy mudslide!

HOW TO MAKE IT: Mix equal parts Irish cream, tears, and chocolate sauce.

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