A sit-in protest at the House of Representatives entered a second day this week as Democrats continued to demand further votes on gun-control measures opposed by house majority Republicans. The protests have been decried as nothing more than a publicity stunt by GOP members, who have also endorsed the publicity-averse Donald Trump for president.

“Democrats can talk all they want,” said Speaker Ryan, who has pledged his support to the former reality-show host and WWE star currently running for president, “but the bottom line is despite these distractions we did our job.” Mr. Ryan then declined to  make any comment as to Donald Trump’s recent attacks on the veracity of rival candidate Hillary Clinton’s religion, presumably because that was not a publicity stunt.

Adjourning the house session until after the Fourth of July, Ryan made his statements in a press conference– a popular gesture made by those who despise publicity stunts.

While Democrats’ sit-in ended early Thursday afternoon, it is presumed that every Republican in Washington will spent their holiday adjournment strategizing on how to avoid any dramatic political gestures that could be misconstrued as a publicity stunt.

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