We gave it a shot. It was an interesting thing to try. However, when a film is set to lose this much money, we simply can’t keep making them. We just can’t run a business that way. Even if the population is half male. We have to accept, based on the outcome of this single film as all of our evidence, that no more men should be in action movies.

It’s definitely a conclusion we can draw. Sample sizes are normally one. This remake of a beloved classic just didn’t work and the only reason we can surmise is that it’s because we put a certain gender as the star of a certain type of film. So no more of that. That’s some pretty sound business deciding from us.

We’re not saying that there aren’t great male actors; it’s just clear from this single film as 100% of our evidence that they should be paired up with female co-stars to make the movie work. That’s just how we feel, and feelings are how Hollywood decisions are made.

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