It can be tough to accept the end of summer. Barbecues, beach days, and replenishing time in the sun make summer the most relaxing month, so even the beautiful changing foliage of fall can be somewhat bittersweet. But there’s no avoiding the inevitable changing of the seasons — that is, of course, unless you take the blue pill and accept the Matrix.

When you take the blue pill, you may be living a lie, but it’s a lie where summer extends indefinitely, without ever giving in to the long brutal cold of winter. Accepting the Matrix means a state of almost permanent vacation, sipping cool drinks in a cabana next to the ocean. There is no reason to resist. The Matrix is summer and no one wants that to end. Take it, be happy, and never look back.

The red pill may seem like the more honorable choice, but you would be wrong. The reality behind the Matrix is too painful, with a winter that is long and brutal. Giving up a never-ending, joy-filled summer is not worth the fleeting truth that you know the world as it actually is.

So when Morpheus extends his hands, each one clutching either a red or blue pill, don’t be sanctimonious and pick the red pill because you want the “truth of reality”. Swallow that blue pill, enjoy your ignorant bliss, and let those beach barbecues never end.

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