During a speech on Saturday, Donald Trump suggested that both candidates should be drug tested before their third debate, claiming that Hillary Clinton seemed “pumped up” at the start of last week’s debate. Though many felt the accusation of doping was absurd, some of Clinton’s behavior recently has started to raise eyebrows.

Just yesterday, for instance, Clinton was seen lifting a car after a young child’s soccer ball got stuck underneath it. Witnesses observed the presidential candidate grunting rather aggressively, vein in her forehead bulging, as she lifted the Honda Accord above her head with shocking ease.

“For a woman of her age and build, it is unlikely that she would be able to lift a 4,000 pound car without the use of performance enhancing drugs,” explained one expert consulted.

“It was way suspicious,” said one onlooker. “But just look at how good she was in the last debate. She stood up on her feet, even walked around a little. It’s all making a lot more sense now.”

It remains to be seen whether the candidates will subject themselves to drug tests before the debate, but either way, it seems pretty clear that Clinton’s advantage has nothing to do with her knowledge and experience.

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