Did you just read that word and hum along to it, in the melody of Adele’s new song “Hello?”

Me too. Stop it.

The last thing anyone thinks when listening to Adele is “Wow, I wish someone else was singing over this, but worse.” If someone plays an Adele song, it means they wanted to hear Adele. Not you. If they wanted to hear you sing, they would have paid $11 for a bunch of recordings of your voice. But they didn’t do that. Because you’re not Adele.

So shut up.

It doesn’t matter if it’s fun. It doesn’t sound as good as Adele. Adele’s voice is a Jaguar. Yours is a Hyundai Elantra.

That’s why I’m taking this pledge. A challenge I extend to you, dear (probably) white (probably) young (probably) woman, in order to better yourself and the eardrums of those around you:


adele no sing pledge


So please, join me and others who have taken the pledge:


adele other pledges katherine


adele other pledges dan


adele other pledges tim


adele other pledges ziwe


adele other pledges jackie


adele other pledges melanie


adele other pledges ford

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