Every time I head out to see a show, I face the same quandary — whose experience shall I ruin tonight?

Being six feet seven inches means it’s just something I have to pay attention to whenever I’m in a space where everyone has to face one direction. How do I make my decision you ask? Well, I usually look for the person whose face reads, “Please don’t stand in front of me, please, please” and then I stand in front of them. Sometimes I look for the person who obviously got their early so they could have an unobstructed view. Or, I’ll go way up front and slide into place right in front of a group of teenage girls — those are the best experiences to ruin.

It’s usually best if I wait until right before the headliner goes on and let people think they’re in the clear before stepping right in front of them. When in front of them, I also try to take a lot of photos, videos and snapchats throughout the show. If I extend my arms with camera in hand, I can block everyone’s view for a few rows back. Those are my favorite.

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