Ted Cruz finally made a stop New York City on Wednesday to campaign for the upcoming state primary. While his visit was mostly spent in Bronx, his trip also included three 2-hour long stops to NYC’s only haunted restaurant and bar, Jekyll and Hyde. Mr. Cruz was insistent on having breakfast, lunch, and dinner at the spooky eatery.

“I may speak out against ‘New York values’ from time to time,” Mr. Cruz said. “But I’d be lying if I said that anywhere else in the country does a better job at serving top-notch entrees while simultaneously letting patrons witness the incredible transformation of Dr. Jekyll into the horrifying Mr. Hyde.”

“The Cruz camp showed up around 7AM so Ted could get breakfast, but we normally don’t open until 10AM.” said Tom Bredwin, the manager at Jekyll and Hyde. “Some of our staff had to get here around 5AM so they could get into their gargoyle hair and makeup.”

image courtesy: tvfoodmaps.com

image courtesy: tvfoodmaps.com

After finishing an order of the Blood Thirsty French Toast with a cup of the Witch’s Brew Java, Mr Cruz made 90 minute-long trek from Midtown Manhattan to the Bronx, where he met with constituents for roughly 25 minutes before making his way back downtown so he could beat the lunch rush at Jekyll and Hyde.

“Their menu is so extensive. I knew I’d want the Mozzarella Bones AND the Zombie Burger, so I scheduled both lunch and dinner at J&H. Hedi and the girls really can’t get enough of the tricks and the treats. I mean, ANYTHING can happen here!”

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