Just when America thought its creepy clown crisis was dying down, things have begun to escalate. The clown sightings, while bizarre and disturbing, seemed relatively harmless until now. But a recent incident at a carnival in Pennsylvania left many deeply concerned.

A terrifying clown was spotted at around 1pm standing near the entrance of the carnival grounds. The clown, who witnesses described as “unsettlingly cheerful,” was quickly surrounded by a group of captivated children, much to the horror of their parents.

Utilizing some sort of evil sorcery, the clown then magically transformed balloons into swords, which he handed out to the alarmingly rowdy gang of kids. Thus armed, the children dispersed, charging at carnival goers with their dangerous weaponry.

But it didn’t stop there. The clown then began to arm children with increasingly dangerous weapons— balloon dogs, balloon giraffes, even a balloon hat. Carnival attendees fled in terror, abandoning their corn dogs and funnel cakes.

Interviewed after the incident, parents were clearly distraught. “There’s nothing I can do,” one mother sighed, pointing to her two young sons as they hit each other with balloon snakes. “They belong to the clown people now.”

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