Every October, people become obsessed with the urban legend of innocent trick-or-treaters finding apples in their razor blades. Like with most myths, the genesis of this rumor is unconfirmed, and considered to be suspect at best.

But for 37-year old trick-or-treater Calvin DeRosa of Iowa, it’s very, very real.


“I was just doing my pre-Halloween shave, when I felt something sort of tickling my neck,” DeRosa recounted. “I saw in the mirror it was red, and I thought, could this be blood rushing out of my artery? But it turned out to be much, much scarier.”

Police rushed to DeRosa’s head to find the razor blade still in his hand, his floor littered with apples. “It just looked like he dropped some apples on the floor,” said responding officer Sgt. Ernie Bluffs. “20 years of policing, I’ve never seen nothing like that.”

Be safe out there this Halloween. You never know when some sick fuck is going to surprise you with a delicious and healthy treat.

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