Did you know that laughing can ease the tension of almost any situation (i.e. bad dates, class presentations, funerals, bad sex)? Every SNL player has had to deal with the unpleasantness of a sketch tanking or dead air. Fortunately, there’s an easy solution: It’s called laughing your way through a sketch! Because watching cast members losing their sh*t never gets old, please enjoy these vintage SNL clips, heavily featuring Jimmy Fallon.

Aquarium Repairmen

Jimmy Fallon and Horatio Sanz kill an entire tank of fish, go to a psychologist, and immediately start giggling. Jimmy Fallon is laughing so hard his fake mustache comes off.

The Californians

Fred Armisen’s ‘Stuart’ challenges Bill Hader to not laugh, and you better believe that’s entertaining. Bill Hader’s already puckered up mouth has to pucker even more.

Extremely Stupid: Gilda and Candice

Fern calls Lisa (Gilda) Fern, and everything goes downhill from there, especially because Fern was supposed to be the smart one.

Cork Soakers

The Italian winery that Janet Jackson visits is filled with the greatest cork soakers in all of Italy. “I like to soak the big, thick cork.” -Seth Meyers, on cork soaking.

Debbie Downer: Birthday Party

It’s impressive how long the cast can go without laughing at Rachel Dratch being a Debbie Downer. “Feline AIDS?” WOMP WOMP.

Dad and Son Go Hunting

Sometimes a sound effect can go wrong, and that can domino effect into everyone breaking character.

Super Showcase

Maya Rudolph and Kristen Wiig’s bizarre Super Showcase personas/voices are even too ridiculous for them to handle. Could YOU say “Chicken man” with a straight face?

Stefon’s Halloween

One of the greatest characters to come to fruition on this show is Stefon, and writer John Mulaney made sure to write in surprise jokes specifically for the purpose of Bill Hader breaking character. You can tell which jokes Hader didn’t expect and that makes this even better.

The Barry Gibb Talk Show

No it’s not Jimmy doing the laughing this time, IT’S JUSTIN.

Nerds Of Seduction

When Bill Murray comes at you fast wearing high waisted pants spitting terrible pick up lines, you’re going to laugh. It’s science.

Because watching cast members losing their sh*t never gets old, here’s more vintage SNL clips.

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