You and your squad get gussied up:

But you get too excited and accidentally show up to the party early:

But it’s okay, because you get to do pregame shots with the host:

Later, you try to strike up a conversation with some college kids:

Prompting you to negotiate your existential despair on the dance floor, blowing everyone away in the process:

You spot a friend leaving with a sexy companion:

You realize that you might be a bit drunker than you thought:

So you take a break, smoke a funny cigarette out back, and get a good one in on an innocent bystander:

You and your friend realize it’s time to go, and go not so gently into that good night, your thoughts turning to that 24/7 Halal cart along the way because you’re shameless:

While you try to overcome your hangover at brunch the next day, someone inevitably asks you how the night went:

Never again.

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