Ah, St. Patrick’s Day. For some, it’s a day to celebrate Irish culture. For others, it’s about getting mind numbingly drunk and making terrible decisions. For the rest of us, it’s about hiding in our homes and offices praying for it to be over. So while you’re hiding from loud drunks and avoiding the smell of vomit, please enjoy these St. Patrick’s Day late night clips.

Raging In The Streets With John Oliver: Shortly after the AIG bonus scandal, John took to the streets to interview people about their thoughts on the controversy. People had some very strong comments, though it may have been the alcohol talking:


Conan Goes To Chinatown: Conan went to Chinatown to spread the magic of St. Patrick’s Day, whether the people liked it or not. Apparently, fish stomach and Guinness go well together:


Will Ferrell Is A Sexy Leprechaun: Will didn’t dress up specifically for St. Patrick’s Day, he did it for Conan’s birthday, but we’re still counting it! At 3:02 minutes in, Will Ferrell becomes the “naughty little leprechaun” of Conan O’Brien’s nightmares:

Will Ferrell at Conan O’Brien – Sexy Leprechaun from Pontus Olsson on Vimeo.

St. Patty’s Day Tips From Stefon: At 4:11 minutes in, Stefon gives Seth a ‘Kiss Me, I’m Irish’ button and well, you can guess what happens next:

People Who Are Destroying America (The Colbert Report): A pub owner in New York banned the singing of “Danny Boy” in his pub, on St. Patrick’s Day. Stephen Colbert was NOT happy about it:

St. Patrick’s Day Song from Bono: Adam Sandler whipped out his best Bono impression to sing about fun things to do on St. Patrick’s Day other than drink. “Don’t get wasted this St. Patty’s Daayyy”:

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