If you have anything to say to the non-despicable version of Megyn Kelly, please, say it now. The Flowers For Algernon pill Kelly took to make her less of a nightmare is starting to wear off. Doctors estimate we have 3, maybe 4 weeks until she slips back into being a heinous, vapid, fire-breathing swamp demon.

The experiment began almost a year ago at the first GOP debate. Just before the show began, scientists offered Kelly a pill that, if taken, would make her a reasonable person who retains her ambition and worldview without losing all semblance of decency and self-respect. Kelly accepted.

trump kelly

Torn between two Megyn’s.

Over the past year we’ve seen Megyn Kelly blossom from sentient doll designed to parrot whatever Rush Limbaugh thinks into the only Fox News anchor with semi-nuanced opinions on anything at all. She challenged Donald Trump at debates, defended herself as a journalist and seemed to be on the road to success beyond the collection of loose, old stool that is the Fox News lineup.

Then, the unthinkable started to happen.

Kelly and Donald Trump had a widely promoted sit-down and Megyn…made friends with him. Scientists were baffled. Gone was the challenging, thinking Megyn. The special was garbage and, when criticized for her performance she blamed the mainstream media. Doctors have informed her friends and family that, if she continues at this rate, Megyn will revert to her intolerable, shit-eating old self before summer is over.

The team of scientists behind the drug have warned that another dose could turn Kelly fully liberal, an outcome that, for Kelly, could be worse than death. It is said that Megyn is aware of her state and her final request was to, ‘put flowers at Reagan’s grave.’

As for us? We must simple cherish this Megyn for as long as we have her.


Images via Fox News, Shutterstock

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