One of the gifts of being young is that particular blend of acne, learning acoustic guitar for your girlfriend and reading lame-o books. In this interview, we ask average teen siblings Amy and Christian Prebowski the exact same questions The New York Times recently asked Jaden and Willow Smith.

What have you been reading?

AMY: Ugh, The Scarlet Letter. I have to for Ms. Anderson’s concepts of English class.

CHRISTIAN: She’s not reading the book, she’s reading the Wikipedia page.

AMY: Reading is the lamest. No offense, I know you’re a writer but it’s boring.

I’m curious about your experience of time. Do you feel like life is moving really quickly? Is your music one way to sort of turn it over and reflect on it?

CHRISTIAN: Uh, sorry, but what are you even asking? I feel like time moves slower when I am doing something stupid and faster when I’m doing something awesome like touching a boob. Is that what you mean? Uh, for music, I just learned the guitar tabs for a bunch of Ed Sheeran songs. My girlfriend Laurie loves him.

AMY: Pass. I hate this question. I don’t play music. Jared, my ex, was in a band and I’m very over him now.

What are some of the themes that recur in your work?

AMY: Um, so Ms. Anderson says I have a child-like grasp of the English language. She writes it on every single paper and it’s like, ok? I get it? But if you’re gonna do fashion you, like, don’t need English.

CHRISTIAN: I write my girlfriend Laurie’s initials into every picture I draw.

How have you gotten better?

CHRISTIAN: Every day I get better.

AMY: Ew, Christian, you’re literally the biggest loser at our entire school. Laurie told me she’s only dating you because dad lets you use the car. She told me she thinks her manager at Coldstone is hot.

Do you think of your new music as a continuation of your past work?

AMY: Hi, are you listening? I already told you I don’t like music because of Jared. It’s like everyone is just criticizing me always. I need you to respect me and who I am or, it’s like, just leave. You’re literally hurting my heart.

CHRISTIAN: I don’t write my own music yet, mostly poems but I know the cords to over 9 easy-medium songs.

How do you write? What’s your process?

AMY: My stepmom, Amber, makes me start my homework at 7. I hate her. Um and my process is a get a pen and a notebook and write words, duh?

CHRISTIAN: That’s not what she means by process, you’re the dumb one. So, when I write poems I think about Laurie’s hair. It smells like powder —

AMY: You smell like a fart.

What are you searching for in those pieced-together moments?

AMY: Uhhh what?

CHRISTIAN: My poems are better than your questions.

But do your collaborative relationships inspire you in different directions?

AMY: Once again, I’m single but very inspired by young artists like Selena Gomez, Lorde and the whole cast of Pretty Little Liars.

CHRISTIAN: Laurie inspires everything I do. Sometimes I play cords and just talk about her. I bought a leather notebook from Barnes and Noble where I draw pictures of her.

How does fashion relate to what you do?

AMY: Thank you, I’m very fashionable. I started wearing my dad’s ties as belts and then the next day Meredith Merwin wore it the same way and everyone was like, Oh, Meredith that’s so cool. But like, I did it first.

CHRISTIAN: I have this boot cast. I broke my foot at the skate park so I have to wear track pants.

What are the things worth having?

AMY: Flat irons. Money. Leggings. My girls. A convertible. Gel manis. Animal prints.

CHRISTIAN: A guitar and Laurie are all I need.
NOTE: Amy pantomimes ‘barfing’ into Christian’s lap.

You mentioned breathing earlier, and it’s also an idea that recurs in your songs.

AMY: I didn’t mention breathing. I am breathing though?

CHRISTIAN: An idea that recurs in a lot of my poems is, if we could time travel, should we? My stuff’s a little dark.

So is the hardest education the unlearning of things?

AMY: Sorry to be rude but your questions make literally no sense. Ask, like, what my favorite color rose is or whether I think Jason Derulo cheated on Jordin Sparks. Something I care about. I mean, I would say the hardest in terms of just, like, being very hard, is gym. The Presidential fitness test is very hard. But in terms of brain-thinking, for sure English. I don’t get The Scarlett Letter at all. I thought priests couldn’t even make out.

CHRISTIAN: How are we even related?

So what’s next?

CHRISTIAN: I’m hanging out with Laurie. She texted me saying she really needs to talk today but she doesn’t want to come over. So we’re meeting at Starbucks.

AMY: (Laughs)

CHRISTIAN: If I saw someone tear your head off and drink your blood like Gatorade I would point and laugh.

This interview has been edited and condensed.


Jackie is a writer/actor based in NYC. She performs on Harold Night at the UCB and with her sketch team DR DJ. You can follow her on Twitter @ohhijackie.

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