Hey guys, is that the kid who fell into the enclosure with Harambe? You remember that — the kid fell in, and Harambe was dragging him around, and the Cincinnati zookeepers felt they had no choice but to shoot and kill Harambe? Well, I think that kid over there is the same kid.

Yeah the one by the lions. Actually, doesn’t he seem a little too close to the lion enclosure? Like way too closOH GOD.

He fell in! No no no no no!

How could this happen again! Quick! Do you see the kid?

Oh thank god. He’s not actually in the lion enclosure! He fell in an adjacent area. Phew! This pit isn’t used for anything, although the kid is actually pretty close to the lion fenceOH NO!

No no no! Kid crawled through the fence to the lion enclosure!

Quick, let’s get him out before the lions noticeTHE KID’S THROWING ROCKS AT THE LIONS!

No no no!

Quick lower me down, I’ll grab him! Here, kid. It’s really important you come with me. Gotcha! Raise us up!

Oh thank God. We got him! He’s safe! Don’t let him out of yourWHERE’D HE GO?

What’s that? He’s at the gorilla enclosure and he has my gun?


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