Above Average’s staff answers the question: What’s the best thing you’ve seen on the internet this week? Here are our staff picks for some casual Monday reading. 

Kitten Bowl Player Names
I don’t care about their ranks, I want all of them.
Ryan Spears

Otters 4 Days
Just a cool ass sea otter.
– Tim Bierbaum 

Sweet Sweet Glittery Revenge
Although I don’t agree with craft materials being used for evil, I really hate glitter and could probably never stomach revenge more substantial than this, so keeping this one in my back pocket.
– Eloise Head

Better Than Travolta’s Flub
Dick Poop Forever
– Anita Flores

Michael MacDonald
Of course mine will center around food…
– Jarret Matlock

Lucas Surprise
Please enjoy this documentary on fission products and transuranics from thorium and uranium.  It’s very interesting and informative.  And oh yeah, if you skip to 13:34, a wild George Lucas appears.
– Sean McIlraith

Very Important Ted Talk
An old coworker of mine gave a 6 minute TedX talk about absolutely nothing.
– Steve Dickinson

Pitch Perfect 237
Because it’s time for us to finally talk about the Truth.
– Josh Poole 

Hockey Fail 101
The most shameful way to exit a hockey game after being ejected.
– Carl Baker

Watch Out for Trees x10
It’s ski season YEA!!!!
– Doug Bandes

Hair Tutorial on How To Burn Off Your Hair
This is so old. It’s still my favorite thing on the internet.
– Glenn Boozan

Chimps On Ice
A little disturbing, a little funny, a lot mesmerizing.
Melanie Greene

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