Wet Hot American Summer: First Day Of Camp is right around the corner, and I can barely contain my excitement. Will Gene hump another refrigerator? Will the can of vegetables find love? Only time will tell. Wet Hot has so many unforgettable characters, and I’m not just talking about the people. The inanimate objects in this film are just as important. Not convinced? Here’s a list of 13 objects that played a crucial role in Wet Hot:

13. Gene’s Bottle of Dick Cream
While we never actually see Gene’s dick cream, it’s obviously very special to him. He keeps it right next to the powder packets, which means he probably needs to have it handy for his dick several times a day.
dick cream

12. The lone crayon in Gail’s art class
There’s only one crayon left in the basket. Though it doesn’t seem significant, the crayon is actually a metaphor for Gail’s failed marriage. She used to have a partner in life and now she’s a single crayon in a lonely world (basket).

11. The Phone
“THE PHONE! THE PHONE! WHERE’S THE FUCKING PHONE?” is one of the greatest movie quotes of all time. The phone also acts as a catalyst for one of the greatest scenes in the history of cinema.

10. Coop’s Shirt
It’s Coop’s favorite shirt, so naturally, he’s gonna want it back from Katie after she borrows it for one second.

9. The Hay Victor jumps over
Other than his virginity, the barrel of hay is Victor’s biggest obstacle. Perhaps making the leap foreshadowed his eventual loss of virginity (probably not).

8. Henry Trowel
Henry hands Beth his trowel when they first meet. It’s a metaphor for his penis, obviously. Also, that noise you hear when Beth throws the trowel is one of best recurring sound effects/gags of the film.

7. Nancy’s Bottle of Lube
Listen, Nancy NEEDS that bottle of lube, for her p*ssy.

6. Abby’s Gum
The gum symbolizes Abby wanting to bone Victor. FYI, watching these two chew gum will make you never want to have sex again.

5. Trapper Keeper Full Of Appointments
No, McKinley doesn’t have a trapper-keeper full of appointments, but he does have something at 11:00.

4. Hat Guy’s Guitar
If not for hat guy’s guitar, who would wake up the campers? WHO?!

3. The Refrigerator That Gene Humps
There are few things in this world that make Gene happy, but there is one shining light for him to thrust his body upon. Go on, Gene. Hump that fridge.

2. The Twenty-Sided Die
The twenty-sided die saved everyone. Without it, WE’D ALL BE DEAD.
twenty sided

1. Can of Mixed Vegetables
Can of mixed vegetables is the most important character in Wet Hot. Can of vegetables is the voice in all of our heads that says, “You can do it!” Go on, take a leap. Go for the gold. “If you want to smear mud on your ass, SMEAR MUD ON YOUR ASS.”

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