She’s real. She’s stunning. She’s the new face of Calvin Klein Jeans. Who is Kaelan Apple-Biggs?

The 16-year-old model is the daughter of “Orange Is The New Black” star, Jason Biggs, and his wife, that apple pie he had sex with. Biggs and the apple pie he had sex with met each other in 1998 on the set of raunchy teen comedy “American Pie” and were inseparable ever since. While the two loving parents shared an famous intimate moment on screen, Biggs’ publicist confirmed that their sex scene was simulated for the camera. By the time Kaelen was born, daddy Biggs and that apple pie he had sex with were married for over a year!

Jason Biggs Pie Inline

Biggs and that apple pie have he had sex with have worked their hardest to raise Kaelen like a normal child and not just the offspring of two famous parents. In fact, when Kaelan was discovered in a Le Pain Quotidien in Burbank, the talent scout had no idea she had such a famous lineage. Initially, the happy couple tried to keep Kaelan away from Hollywood’s heat-lamps, though anyone can see Kaelan Apple-Biggs was born to be stared at. She’s organic and warm, tart, yet sweet, and so fresh. She certainly has her father’s eyes–and her mother’s flaky crust!

A Calvin Klein collection is a pinnacle most models only dream of achieving, but Kaelan is saving room for desert–college, that is. To Kaelan Apple-Biggs, fashion is a la mode. She’s saving up all her modeling earnings to go to medical school. Amazing! What an inspiration. It’s a dream as American as her mom: an apple pie that Jason Biggs had sex with.

Drew Kaufman is a writer, cartoonist and cat daddy living in Brooklyn, New York. He is also one-half of the sketch group, Pizza Time. Social media! @drewisalright

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