Tis the season! Lovers of autumn and certified missing people Alyssa Martin and Craig Bright strolled into a Burlington-area corn maze, and still haven’t come out! It’s been three days! Their families are worried.

Here are Alyssa and Craig entering the corn maze.


And here are Alyssa and Craig realizing they may be in for more than they bargained for!


Uh oh, they’re really lost!


Where did Craig go?! Seriously, where did Craig go?


Here’s Alyssa’s shoe, found the next morning. We’re all very concerned.


Here’s Craig’s family, wondering what happened to their little boy.


Can YOU find these two fall funseekers who’ve been lost in a corn maze? Journey down to Cappy’s Corn Maze today! Please. They’ve almost certainly got a lawsuit on their hands.

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