Things were going so well at the weekly birther meet-ups. Membership had gone up 500% thanks to Donald Trump! As president and founder of Tuesday Night Birther Club, I couldn’t have been prouder. We even had to move to a bigger conference room!

But then Trump had to go and have that press conference and say that Obama was born in the United States. I’ve never felt so betrayed in my life.

When I arrived at the last meeting, only half the members had shown up. And the ones who did seemed like their heart wasn’t even in it.

“What happened to ‘Where’s the birth certificate’?” I argued. “What happened to ‘If I believe in my heart that Obama is from Kenya, it must be true even if I have no proof’?”

“If Trump says it, I believe him,” one of the guys said. What kind of logic is that?!

Well, if those sheeple want to just go along with whatever the media says, fine. I’ll start a new birther club, and none of them are invited!

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