After losing his chef’s job and going through a tough divorce, Ted Waters fell into a crippling meth addiction. Here is his mugshot from when he was arrested for possession:

during meth

Then, three years ago, Ted made the life-changing decision to enter a rehab facility. He’s been sober ever since. Here’s what he looks like now:

3 years sober

Whoa! What a not-much-of-a-difference a year makes. If you just saw the before photo, you’d definitely be able to recognize him now.

meth happy man

He could be on meth here, impossible to tell.

Due to the harsh chemical properties of methamphetamine, serious users tend to suffer from physical afflictions such as facial scarring and tooth decay. But this guy seemed to luck out. Maybe he was born with a meth-y face. Or maybe when he was addicted he never did a TON of meth.

His hair is longer in the second photo, that’s for sure. Also his “Before” photo is a little darker, but really that’s something you could do in Photoshop. You wouldn’t even have to be good at Photoshop. It’s a pre-set.

Damnit, most addiction before-and-afters are really fun to look at. We were chomping at the bit to show you splashy photos of Ted’s horrifying past, then he went ahead and ruined it for us. Ugh, screw this guy.

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