We loved seeing what a cup of tea looked like in different countries around the world… but have you ever wondered what a cup of tea looks like in different places in our office? Wonder no further!

22. On a Computer
tea-1-on a computer-400
21. On Top of the Printer

20. At Reception

19. On Carl’s Desk
tea-4-carls desk-400

18. In a File

17. In A Plant

16. Too Close to the Fire Alarm
tea-7-fire alarm-400

15. In This Chicken Basket Thing We Use to Hold Our Sugar Packets
tea-8-chicken thing-400

14. Next to the Coffee

13. In the Bathroom
tea-9-bathroom sink-400

12. In the Microwave

11. Sitting in the Supply Closet
tea-12-supply closet-400

10. Holding the Elevator

9. In the Trash
tea-14-the garbage-400

8. Next to People’s Lunches

7. Down the Hall
tea-16-down the hall-400

6. Near the Toilet
tea-17-near a toilet-400

5. On Patty’s Standing Desk
tea-18-pattys standing desk-400

4. On Top of More Tea
tea-19-on more tea-400

3. On A Conference Call
tea-21-making a call-400

2. On A Box of Ashley’s Stuff
tea-20-ashleys box of stuff-400

1. Goofin With Tape
tea-22-goofin with tape-400

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