Whenever Conan O’Brien does anything declaring, “and I brought a camera crew with me,” you know it’s gonna be good.  He’s the king of remote segments, it cannot be disputed. Over the last 20 years, Conan has done so many, it’s impossible to pick a favorite. Here are 6 of his most ridiculous segments, and when we say ridiculous, we mean awesome.

Conan Plays Old-Timey Baseball: Some say old fashioned baseball is a waste of time, “others say an incredible waste of time.” But it gets a lot more fun when Conan O’Brien shows up and plays the game dressed in 1864 garb with a comically large mustache.


Conan Learns To Dance: Back in the day, Conan wanted to learn every conceivable dance in New York City, so he reached out to some experts, including a “hip hop instructor”. Try not to laugh when Conan’s baggy pants fall down as he’s trying to “find the beat.”


Jordan Schlansky Coming In Late: Conan O’Brien and producer Jordan Schlansky have had a love/hate relationship for years. After discovering that he was coming in late to work on Fridays, Conan decided to confront him and “get to the bottom of what the f*ck Jordan does every Friday.”


Conan at a Korean Spa: Conan recently got naked at a spa with Steven Yeun. There were old men, lots of awkward touching, and plenty of pain thanks to a body scrub from Mr. Lee.


Conan In Ireland: Conan took a trip to the old country to connect with his past. Apparently, finding relatives in Ireland is hard when everyone’s last name is O’Brien. Our favorite part is when he tries to convince a room full of Irish school children that he is “the king of late night.”



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