9-year-old Brevin Levendusky has been obsessed with death as long as he can remember. “Did you know that everything dies someday?” he asks, gripping my arm with his sweaty little hand within minutes of our first meeting. “Even me. I’m not even sick, but I could die at any moment. That’s why I wanted a grave. I wanted to be ready.”

For a time, Brevin’s parents were concerned about their child’s mental health. When Brevin’s mother, Ronna, voiced her concern for her son’s well being at a church meeting, she had no idea that Joey Bones — driver of the famous Gravedigger monster truck — would be there. “Straight up, I’m not even a Christian Scientist” says Bones, whose friends call him JoBo. “I’m pretty curious about all kinds of faith though. My big truck might be spooky, but the REAL monster is intolerance. I knew I could help that freaky kid, so I drove on over to his house and dug him a grave with my truck’s big wheels. Yeehaw, he’s got one tall mama!”

Upon seeing the grave for the first time, Brevin is a new boy. “Now I can lay in my grave and imagine what it’s like to be dead.” He smiles for the first time all day. “MY grave. It’s mine, and it’s where my body will decay. Thank you, truck man!”

“I don’t know where Brevin learned about all this death business” says Ronna, who at six-and-a-half feet tall towers over the rest of her family. “We don’t know anyone who’s died, and we certainly don’t watch death shows on television. We would have sent him to a therapist if we weren’t Christian Scientists.” Ronna touches the rosary hanging from her tremendous neck. “He really works in mysterious ways.”

When I ask Jobo if he thinks meeting Ronna, and in turn digging Brevin’s grave with a truck named Gravedigger was the result of some divine intervention, he only tips his snakeskin cowboy hat.

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