Tragedy struck Syracuse University when students witnessed a popular English professor’s humiliating accident. Professor Eugene Miller, who is described by his students as “pretty nerdy,” made a daring attempt to hop up on his desk during a lecture.

Miller, who was energized by a particularly engaging discussion on Walt Whitman, suddenly felt a surge of confidence normally reserved for those in the Drama department. “Maybe I can be one of those laid-back professors who sit on their desk,” he thought.

He was wrong.

“I tried to casually boost myself up to sit on my desk.” Miller explained. “But I misjudged how high it was. My butt barely grazed the edge of the desk, and I fell right on the floor.”

His students were mortified. “He’s a really smart, sweet man, but he’s just not cool enough to sit on his desk,” explained Ashley, who witnessed the event go down.

Though he often replays the moment in his mind in slow motion, Miller is doing his best to move past it and focus on his recovery, as well as regaining the respect of his students.

“I really did a number on my coccyx. That’s the last time I try to impress my class with a flashy move like that.”

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