Actor Lebron James, known for his breakout role in Amy Schumer’s hit comedy Trainwreck and minor roles in Spongebob Squarepants and Entourage won a pretty big basketball game last night called the, “NBA Finals.” Though James has always had an interest in basketball, he is primarily known as a comedic actor. Many fans on Twitter were confused when they saw him on television not delivering a sly joke or making one of his wacky faces.

In interviews, James has always made it clear that basketball is just a hobby. “It’s just fun to do something not about the industry. It’s not about development deals or agents or Strasberg technique. It’s just about having fun and letting loose with friends. It’s pretty cool people came to watch us though.” Many actors and actresses have hobbies outside their work and James’ basketball is no exception.

Lebron James Headshot

He’s an actor’s actor.


Fittingly, James just nabbed the lead role in a remake of Space Jam set to start production soon. James added, “I won’t have to learn how to dribble for the role, which is nice, I can do that pretty well now.”

James has also been featured in several Nike commercials cast as a basketball player but attributed that to just “random luck.”

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