Following boxing legend Muhammad Ali’s passing, people all over the world have come forward with praise and kind words about the legend’s life. In a moving tribute of his own, Justin Bieber celebrated Ali’s legacy by losing a fist fight.

Bieber began the heartfelt homage first by drinking straight from a bottle of vanilla Svedka at Game 3 of the NBA finals, stumbling onto the streets of Cleveland with his dedicated posse of security guards and half-friends, and scouting for clubs to “knock up some puss in.” But before entering a club, he encountered a 6’5” man who he knew immediately would beat his ass, and thus perfectly cement his tribute to Ali.

5th July 1975:  Muhammad Ali, formerly known as Cassius Marcellus Clay, about to punch Hungarian-born British boxer Joe Bugner, in their title fight at the Merdeka Stadium in Kuala Lumpur. Ali won the fight, keeping his World Heavyweight title.  (Photo by Central Press/Getty Images)

“Muhammad’s my bro, so I figured losing a fight was the perfect way to remember how he NEVER lost fights. Getting beaten down to the sidewalk was almost like being in the ring with my man himself. I love Ali so much, ya’ll. This bruised eye is like my eulogy.”

As Bieber got pummeled into a corner, crowds congregated close by to take in his moving gesture. “Watching Bieber get his ass handed to him was the most beautiful way to remember all those times Ali did the same thing to his rivals,” commented one onlooker. “I’m so glad that shit is on TMZ so I can watch it again.”

“I’m also looking into seeing if I can get back my monkey from Germany and have him get into a smackdown with a gorilla or something,” Bieber added.

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