Harvey Bukowski, the three-time gold medalist for Worst Twitter Troll, came under fire today for failing to remove his hand from the “family size” Cheetos bag that had been lying across his crotch when the national anthem played during Gabby Douglas’ recent medal ceremony.

“What a DISGUSTING DISPLAY by @gabrielledoug… guess she HATES AMERICA,” tweeted Bukowski about the Olympic champion gymnast Gabby Douglas from his preferred account, @bonertime69murica.

Bukowski went on to make several highly compelling points about Douglas during his unedited string of 37 tweets. He was widely praised for being the only person on the internet with the courage to finally equate Douglas decision to stand respectfully during the anthem with joining ISIS.

However, several paparazzi photographers revealed this morning that Bukowski actually had his left hand in a large Cheetos bag, and his right hand in his back-up Cheetos bag for the entire rendition of “The Star Spangled Banner.”

Undeterred, Bukowski released a bold statement, which galvanized Twitter trolls all over the world.

“I was wearing my favorite t-shirt at the time, and if I put my hand on my heart, I would have gotten orange dust all over the Co-ed Naked Sports logo,” Bukowski said. “As a Twitter troll, my main goal is to achieve staggering amounts of hypocrisy in my own life, and I believe I achieved that goal today.”

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